Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

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Meet your Queen of Hearts she is a natural beauty, her heart is striking and coated with a velvety matte finish.

Queen of Hearts is is our best seller for Valentines Day so we brought it back this year and it will be available for a limited time only. 

Beautifully Golden press ons have a flex form to naturally move with the strength of your own nail. Hello nail growth goals!

Quick and easy application with your choice of longterm wear with  the use of included glue or quick wear with the use of included nail sticky tabs. 

Our medium lengths provide a natural amount of free edge that gives you a beautiful look that won't compromise on daily tasks and chores. 

Find a design that compliments your style.

Kits include

  • (22) Nails (sizing made simple, all sizes are included no measuring needed)
  • (1) KDS Nail Glue
  • (1) sheet of sticker tabs
  • (1) Mini Nail File
  • (1) Wooden Push Stick
  • (1) Buffer Block

    Application and Removal Instructions are also provided for short term and long term wear!


Customers Reviews

Tiffany W.

“Dashia is the natural nail GOAT (Period).”

Tasha P.

“I have never been more happy with my natural nails. They have grown so much everyone thinks I have falsies. I love it!!”

Lucy S.

"If you desire healthy nails that are beautiful and one of a kind Beautifully Golden is the place!"