5 Easy Ways to Make Your Manicures Last Longer

There is nothing better than a fresh manicure, and nothing more disappointing than when that manicure becomes chipped, the polish starts to peel, or you break a nail. While there are a few different types of manicures that all claim to be long-lasting, no manicure treatment will last forever; but we’ve got a few ways you can hopefully add a few more days. 

  1. Apply a Base Coat- A base coat is one of the most important steps to preserving your manicure but is also the most often skipped step. Base coat is a specific type of nail polish that strengthens and hardens nails, but also provides an even base for nail polish adherence and can also help the color stand out more. 
  2. Apply a Top Coat- One of the best tips and tricks to making your manicure last longer is to always apply a top coat. There are matte and shine options that will boost the performance of your polish, strengthen your nails, and some even have a hydrating component. Some people choose to wear a clear top coat on their nails, even when they do not have polish on to strengthen their nails. People with thin nails will find a top coat especially helpful for avoiding tearing. 
  3. Let Your Nails Dry Properly- One of the biggest mistakes that people make when doing their own manicures is not letting the nails and polish dry properly between steps. Your manicure should have four or five layers—base coat, two or three layers of color, and a top coat. Each layer needs to dry completely before adding the next layers. The drying process usually takes about two minutes per layer if they are thin. After your top coat, let your nails dry for at least five minutes before getting up and going about your day. However, nail polish can take up to an hour to harden completely, so take extra care in using your hands after a manicure. 
  4. Re-Apply a Top Coat Every 2-3 Days- The top coat will not only keep your nails shining, reapplying the top coat every few days will help protect the color from fading, the nails from chipping or cracking, and strengthen your nails. Top coats are usually quick dry, so you don’t have to worry about this step taking too much time away from your other routines. Make sure to use a high quality nail polish top coat that also has a moisturizing component. 
  5. Use Gloves- Washing your hands, doing the dishes, taking showers, and even using a lot of moisturizers can ruin a manicure. Household cleaners can strip away your polish, damage your nails, destroy your cuticles, and cause intense drying or cracking of your hands. Using gloves while you are cleaning the house or doing the dishes will directly increase the amount of time between manicure appointments and reduce chipping, peeling, and cracking.

Manicures are super fun, expressive ways to show off your personal style. You can change up the color and design to match the season, holiday, your outfit, or even your mood! Manicures, especially if your nails are natural, take less than thirty minutes to complete, and could take less than 10 if you are just painting your nails without pampering yourself with the works—exfoliation, nail buffing, cuticle removal, a hand massage and more. Acrylic or gel nail manicures may take up to an hour or longer depending on the intricacy of the manicure. 

Keeping your hands well-manicured will not only help your hands look more attractive, but it helps your nails grow longer, stronger, and faster. If you can avoid biting your nails, keeping your fingernails polished with a proper manicure can be a fantastic way to pamper yourself. Take time for yourself and give yourself a manicure or a touch up today!

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